Our final year projects were designed to give us real industry experience in our fields. Where we worked for an actual client and needed a delievable by the end of the year. Each step had to be done by the book, including all documentation, back-ups, peer evaluations, work logs, ect. Within our teams we selected roles, giving us extra responsibility through out the project. After the first semester we were required to change roles, in order to give us a different experience. During semester 1, I was the team leader for our project, being responsible for organising meetings, running meetings, contacting/keeping-up-to-date with our supervisor, keeping team members informed at all times, overseeing all documentation and work, amoungst other responsibilities. In semester 2 however, I became the client liaison, where contact between the client was done through me and I provided them with updates of the progress of the project. Overall we delievered a successful project, exceeding our clients expectations.

Velocity X

Our client was Prophacy Games, a small games company working on their main project of Under Pressure. We were given a specification to create a 'mini' game which promotes Under Pressure. The game needed to be a multiplayer (making it very difficult) death match, for 8 - 16 players at a time. The project was in Unreal Script, a Unreal Tournament project, which we used Visual Studio to write. Art was not the main objective of the game, we needed to get a running game to the client where art can always be fixed later. I concentrated on weapons for the project, especially creating reloading for weapons which was not part of unreal and melee combat which was created from scratch (including collision). Enjoy the video for a demo.