My passion for programming started in year 10 in 2004 with Visual basics where I got Dux, however I was creating games since before then with the use of interactive PowerPoint. I also spent much time playing with editors of games creating custom maps. However all these experiences didn't compare to my first year in University where I had to learn introduction to C, a great experience to learn the basics of programming, it was the first time I felt like my logical brain was in a subject where I can make use of it. Ever since then I have been learning many languages including c, c++, Java, Java script, c#, Objective C, Python, and a few others I can't think of right now. I have always wanted to enter the work force in a games oriented profession, either design, programming or even management. I have experience in all fields thanks to the diverse course from Swinburne's University, being the team leader in major projects, to a general lackey in the programming cycle.