This subject was designed to give an overview of the thought process and the processes in designing good game structures. We used unreal technology to build games and levels.

Level Evaluation

We were required to pick a level from Unreal Tournament 3 and evaluate all aspects of it, including all actors (Lights, doors, elevators, teleports, ammo location, weapon location, health location, etc) within the level.

Stratagy and Style Guide

Before starting work on our own level we were required to think of the style we wish to make the level look like and the strategy involved within the level, ie. Placement of objects, distance between platforms, etc.

White room design

The first part of the design process is to create the level in white room.

Final design

The end product had to include all assets to make the level look and feel complete. AI design was not necessary, but I believed it was important not only to test the level but to add extra excitement.