Games programming was a difficult subject, where we learnt a variety of game specific programming skills. These skills were devided into 19 hurdle tasks which were again split into 3 game types. Below are a few examples of hurdles and the game types.

Zorkish Adventure

This part of the subject taught all about design patterns and structures by creating a basic Zorkish text adventure.

Space Invaders

There was no final product for this part of the subject, but was split into many hurdle tasts. Including use of SDL (music and sprites), collision tests (including optimisiation and pixel-based collision), keyboard inputs, fonts (using font sheets and creating font sheets), animating sprites and sprite sheets.

Collision testing

Here we did basic collision testing using a few algorithims, which later we also tested pixel-based collision to compare. When a collision occurs the object turns red.


Initially we used a font sheet then we created our own font style using a bitmap custom made font sheet.

Using fonts
Sprite animation

This was a way to show using one bitmap image (sprite sheet) to create animations.


This last section was used to put together all the tasks together, learn about game engines and physics involved