This subject allowed us to work on our own projects for a year, where I chose to do iPhone games with a friend. Unfortunatly both projects, one per semester, turned out incomplete, we did however gain alot of experience and did create two completely different engines for games.

Roche Limit

This was a space adventure RPG game, where our initial design was very detailed at which our supervisors were even suprised at the effort and detail of our design documentation. However we underestimated the amount of effort to actually create the game, we got basic movement, combat, navigation and game flow complete but many additional features and the game itself (story) were never implemented or completed due to time constraints. Enjoy the video to see a quick demo.

Soft Targets

During semester two we decided to pick something easier to create and the first thought was a tower defence game, but again we underestimated the complexity. Also it gave us a chance to put our AI Tower Defence code to good use. We did get alot further in the project than Roche, with a test level that could be played and win/lost. We created six different towers all with different abilities, where some did AoE (area of effect) damage, other did more damage, shoot more frequently, have longer range, etc. Each tower also could level up (get stronger) as they kill more enemies and gain experience, or by using money you could upgrade them straight out. Towers also had three different damage types, which lines up to the different armour types the enemies had, allowing for smart play in order to beat levels. The enemies (soft toys) also had different attributes, they either moved in packs, had different speeds, different health, etc. We had another system designed but never implemented, was the god powers, where by sacrificing marbles (a certain currency) you could do special powers using the iPhone features, ie. Blow into the mic for a hurricane, shack the phone for an earthquake, pinch the screen for a comet, etc. Hope you enjoy the brief demo.